Mobile River Bridge Project Location

The preferred alternate would require widening beginning at I-10/Virginia Street and the I-10/Texas Street interchanges where the main Mobile River bridge would begin. The eastbound truck acceleration lane on the bridge would have a length of approximately 2,410 feet. The bridge would follow the existing I-10 route to the northeast and would shift east to cross over the I-10/Canal Street interchange, span the Mobile Harbor Federal Navigation Channel and tie into the I-10 Bayway approximately 0.88 mile east of the Wallace Tunnels. The bridge would begin approximately 600 feet west of the I-10/Texas Street interchange. The cable-stayed bridge structure approaches would begin at the bank of the Mobile River in Mobile County west of Royal Street and the western pylon would be located in an existing open water area set back from the west side of the navigation channel. The eastern pylon would be located on land. The bridge approach structures would begin approximately 5,500 feet east and west of the navigation channel to achieve required vertical clearance. The bridge would have a main span skew length of 1,250 feet with symmetrical side spans of 725 feet each. Modifications would be required for the Canal Street, Broad Street, Virginia Street, US 98, and US 90 interchanges.